Family Reunion To Do List

Family Reunion To-Do List

So, it’s time for the big reunion, and the planning for the event that everybody is looking forward to has fallen to you – no pressure!  Just follow this great Family Reunion to do list!

Obviously you will want this important gathering to be remembered for the great old memories shared and the new memories being created; not for the food running out in the first ten minutes or the location being impossible to find.

Family Reunion List

Rest assured, with a little planning and forethought your family reunion will be a huge success if you follow these easy tips.

Location, Location, Location

The venue for your reunion party is almost as important as the guest list. The possibilities are unlimited but you should keep a few things in mind when deciding on the location.

 Will you be conveniently placed for the majority of the party-goers? Some attendees will be travelling with several children, older family members may have trouble getting around and too long of a journey may tire out the very young and the seniors before they even arrive.

Is the venue weatherproofed? Some of the best family reunion parties take place outdoors. This can be a great option for several reasons. Fresh air, lots of space for family games and the kids to run around, a free or very low cost venue and, most of all, who doesn’t love a good grill out? Even in the summer though, the weather can sometimes take an unexpected turn for the worse and it is vitally important to have a back-up plan or location just in case. It could save your reunion from turning into a wash out.

Guest List

Now on to the next item of the family reunion to do list! This may, at first glance, seem like a no-brainer. Who is invited to the family reunion? The family, of course!

Obviously, you will need to find out, as accurately as possible exactly how many family members will be attending. This is so that you can arrange for an appropriate venue, as well as the right amount of refreshments, just as you would for any other event.

So how far reaching will the reunion be?  You could keep it to just fairly immediate family or you could have cousins of cousins and everybody in between. Your final figure will shape the entire feel and planning of the party.

Invites and Confirmations

Once you have decided on the guest list you will need to send out invites. If you are having a fairly small affair you may be able to do this with just phone calls or emails but, even for the smallest of reunions, it is nice to send out some form of formal invitation.

There are print shops (as well as online services) that will compose and print invites for you, but these can be expensive and may not be suitable for all but the biggest of reunions. A much cheaper and often free alternative can be to produce your own invitations.

If you don’t feel creatively confident enough to make them from scratch have no fear. There are many free templates and inspiring samples online for you to make very professional looking invites for only the cost that it takes to print them at home (See Family Reunion Invitations section).

If you are having a themed reunion (such as fancy dress from a different decade, or for a family who are big on sports) you can tailor the invites to reflect the theme. There are literally hundreds of options to allow you to get the perfect invite for your family.

On the invites, be sure to request a confirmation. This is pretty self explanatory; nobody wants to plan a party for five hundred when only five turn up.

Money, Money, Money

Discussing financial matters with family members can be awkward, but it is important to sort this out in the early stages. Every party needs a budget and many of the decisions you make for the reunion will be based on the funds available.

This can be taken care of in any way that works for your family. One option is that people take responsibility for individual costs, such as one person paying for the food, another paying for the venue, somebody else the decorations and so on.  This can be a wise choice if some family members are capable of paying more than others comfortably.

Perhaps the fairest way is to decide on a budget and split the cost equally between all family members who agreed to contribute.

Food, Glorious Food

All good reunions have, at their center, good food to share. A menu should be planned as early as possible to cover all eventualities.

If you are having a themed party, will your food fit in with the theme? This can be a fun way to tie in the meal with the rest of the party.

Are people contributing their own dishes or will the catering be taken care of as a whole? If people are bringing a dish each, it’s imperative that you know who is bringing what or you could end up with fifty bowls of chips and no dips!

Is everybody able to eat the food provided? You need to be aware of special diets, such a diabetics, vegetarians and those with allergies, and appropriate alternatives should be factored in.


To make a really fun family reunion you need to plan activities beforehand.  It’s also a good idea to provide stimulation for the youngest members of the family, who will undoubtedly be the first to lose interest. There are plenty of games that can be enjoyed by all ages, such as charades and beanbag toss. You could prepare a quiz in which all the questions are based on members your family. A slideshow of family photos can provide a good starting point for rekindling old memories.

A quick look around the site should give you plenty of ideas so that you can ensure your family reunion will be a fun-filled experience for everybody!  We hope that this Family Reunion to do list will help you plan one of the best family functions!

Family Reunion List